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How it would feel to no longer feel those aches and pains, the indigestion, constipation, bloating, headaches, the list goes on….?

Functional Medicine directly addresses the underlying root cause of DIS-EASE.. It views the body as an interconnected whole, recognizing the importance of how your body systems work together to unwind disease and achieve optimal health.

You are completely unique and made up of all your life experiences. The Healthier, Happier YOU program represents that!


“Energetic, productive and focused …”

"I have become more energetic, productive and focused. I stopped needing my asthma medication daily and the eczema that had been plaguing me for eight months disappeared. Most importantly, by boosting my energy and stabilizing my mood. I'm able to give my little girl much more patience, time and attention.”

Deepa Paul, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After completion of the Healthier, happier YOU program expect TO:

✔ Achieve your personalized health goals

✔ Understand the root causes of the inflammatory symptoms unique to your body

✔ Explore and experiment with new foods to create a sustainable lifestyle change

✔ Understand and reduce sugar cravings

✔ Increase your energy

✔ Feel healthier and happier in your body, mind and soul


This personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. The focus will be 100% on your individual goals and health needs. We will explore together any concerns unique to you and your body and discover the tools necessary to make it a sustainable lifestyle change.

Food is so much more than calories! It is fuel, it is smart, it is ensuring the required nutrients get into your cells. This is what we will investigate as a team, looking into what your unique body most needs in order to function optimally.

Just imagine for a minute, what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy and vitality on a daily basis!

The HEALTHIER, Happier YOU program includes a rich mix of support services and tooLS

  • Two, 50-minute , customized coaching sessions per month (held via phone or online video conference)

  • Follow-up session summaries

  • Email support between sessions to ensure progress and adjust, as necessary

  • Emailed educational handouts with more information to help you implement the steps

  • Tasty recipes & quick cooking tips

All Healthier, Happier YOU programs are for a minimum of three months (six sessions). Clients decide themselves the program length that best meets their individual needs. Some finish up in three months, while others continue for a year or longer. Each client’s wellness journey is unique.

My passion is working with motivated individuals who are deeply committed to their health.

Everything in your body is interconnected and by minimizing what is harming your body, maximizing what supports your body and prioritizing interventions, you can heal deeply and completely.

INvestment in you

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