Provide employees with an opportunity to work on their health, nutrition and personal goals 1:1 in a safe and confidential setting.  

  • Prior to 1:1 Integrative Nutrition Health Consultation

Before a consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed confidential health questionnaire and food diary. This information provides a comprehensive picture of lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and any concerns about the respective employee(s) health.  

  • Consultation

The aims for the outcome of the integrative nutrition program will be discussed and we will work together to create an integrative nutrition health program that caters to their needs, preferences and lifestyle (stress, sleep, exercise). helping them set realistic and attainable goals for improved health and diet.  

  • Additional Benefits
    • learn about the causes of symptoms
    • acquire knowledge of both beneficial and potentially detrimental foods
    • be advised on lifestyle changes to help achieve the program goals
  • Follow up

The respective employee(s) will receive a personalized client pack which includes simple tasty and nutritious recipes  meal ideas tailored to their needs and lifestyle, and additional information to ensure support through their personalized program. 

  • Minimum 3 month period
  • Minimum 2 times a month

Minimum 4 hour block: alloting for six to eight employees with 30 – 45 minute consultations