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“Eat Clean in 2019”  Membership Program is a monthly subscription that provides you with weekly accountability and education, along with monthly challenges and virtual group calls to elevate your health, reduce your sugar cravings, gain vitality and overall well-being and so much more!

What to expect

✔ Fun supportive program to help you achieve your health goals

✔ Interesting educational resources to learn more about the 4 keys to live a healthy, vital life!

✔ An opportunity to explore and experiment with new foods to create a sustainable lifestyle change

✔ Monthly challenges to stimulate and support new healthy habits - from re-framing your relationship with sugar to cultivating a healthy gut and much more!

✔ Live virtual accountability calls - to create your health “Moai”

✔ Feel healthier and happier in your body, mind and soul throughout 2019!

Just imagine for a minute, what your life would be like if you had the support and could tap into the knowledge from a professional monthly allowing for a clear mind, ample energy and vitality on a daily basis!

The “Eat Clean in 2019” INcludes a rich mix of support services and tooLS

  • Weekly accountability check-ins

  • Weekly educational prompts and resources

  • Monthly challenges

  • Monthly virtual group calls

  • Monthly 30 minute live Q&A with Shay

  • Tasty recipes & quick cooking tips

Join for a minimum of 3 months or join for the full year to feel confident 2019 will be your healthiest and happiest yet!

INvestment in you

The initial 3 month membership Early Bird rate of €19 per month, thus €57 (incl. VAT) for 3 months. Even better, choose the annual plan at a rate of €209 (incl. VAT), offering 1 month FREE, for a limited time, until Friday 30 November 2018.

I am also offering a BONUS the 14 Day “Break-Up with Sugar” Challenge to kick those cravings to the curb right from the get go in 2019! (An additional €99 SAVINGS!! )