Provide employees with a fun and educational team challenge which along with the comradery,  will also  increase energy,  provide clarity of mind and some life long nutrition education.  

  • Pre-challenge campaign to get employees excited and ready for the challenge
  • 60 minute workshop minimum 1 week prior to challenge kick off
  • Pre-challenge evaluation for participants
  • 1 prep mail, including 5 day sample meal plan
  • Daily mail, including 5 day sample meal plan
  • Daily email series for the full 7 days
  • Outlining 5 steps improve health objective
  • Motivation to continue
  • Daily exercise that will take 5-10 minutes to complete
  • Online support group via company intranet, Slack or Social Media Platform
  • Post-challenge evaluation for participants
  • Follow-up report on pre & post evaluation for company executives

Plus points: 

  • Scalable  for whole company or whole department participation
  • Best start to bringing in healthier habits at the work place
  • Quarterly healthy challenge program
  • Educational and fun