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Hi, I'm Shay!

An impassioned nutrition educator and anti-sugar crusader who looks at all areas of life to co-create a program that works for YOU!  The focus can vary from helping you reframe your relationship with food to learning the triggers that have you eating spoonful’s of Nutella. (No judgements… I have been there myself!)

I want to gift you with an abundance of health, happiness and energy!

Via my carefully crafted programs, expect to enjoy:

* An abundance of energy throughout the day
* Feeling comfortable and happy in your body - and in your clothes
* Clarity and focus in your tasks and decisions
* Waking up refreshed on a daily basis
* An inspiring ability to let go -- and accomplish more


It begins with YOU!


Personal Programs


This is how you should wake up feeling daily! Don’t feel that way? You will. Together, we’ll re-frame your relationship with food, to get you feeling your very best!

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Workplace Wellness Services

Innovative, Empowered & Informative

Good  Health  is  contagious!    

Bringing  wellness  and  vitality  to  the  workplace  is  our  mission.     We  craft  bespoke  wellness  programs  that  benefit  both  the  employer  and   the  employee  which  sparks a true  culture  change  at  your  workplace.    

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Speaking Engagements


The chemistry behind sugar, how much sugar is in food and the studies involving sugar usage were most interesting. I love the tip about drinking water before going for a coffee & staying off sugar for 21 days to teach my body a new habit. Also, the delicious samples!” - Debbie Long, Amsterdam, The Neatherlands

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