Provide employees the opportunity to engage, experience and  learn key ingredients to make them healthier, happier employees and in turn individuals. 

All sessions will include:

  • Statistics / Healthy “why” benefits
  • Relatable personal stories 
  • Interactive exercises
  • Resources to enhance and support wellness goals
  • 3 action items to implement change immediately

Proposed Topics

  • Break Up with Sugar – Top Requested* 
  • Jump start your health – Nutrition, Mindfulness & Physical Activity 
  • Foods that truly Nourish Your Body
  • Tired of being tired?  Double your energy and productivity
  • Crush the Sugar Cravings at Work 
  • Food and Mood
  • 5 Steps to Living Sugar Free

Bespoke Nutrition workshops

We offer anywhere from 30 minute lunch and learn to 3 hour or full day retreat.